camera repair

Does anyone know of any decent camera repair shops anywhere in the Bloomington-Normal area? My digital camera(unfortunately) has some minor problems with it, and I'd like to get them fixed really badly. Preferably would like an independent camera shop, but I'm open-minded to any suggestions as to what places in the area do this.

Thanks so much for anyone who can help me out.

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Seeking Roommate (F)

So, this is a bit of an odd post. I'm trying to see if what I'm looking for is any kind of possible.

I'm looking for a roommate, but not until September. I'm putting this up now so that, in case you are interested, we can meet a few times, discuss expectations, rules, and generally form some level of acquaintance prior to cohabitations.

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ROOMATE WANTED to share 3-bedroom apartment in downtown Normal. Free heat and water. Broadband internet. Rent is $300 per month. The only utility you would have pay is the electric bill, which would be split three ways, along with the internet/cable would be split two ways, since my other roomate does not use the internet since he doesn't have a computer. The apartment includes one bathroom, a living room, and a kitchen. The available room also has a walk-in closet. Lots of storage space. The apartment is in a great location, especially for college students. It's EXTREMELY close to ISU campus, within walking distance. It's close to shops and restaurants. I enjoy living here. I'm a very nice, normal guy. I'm 25 years old. I work for State Farm Insurance and may be taking classes at ISU again soon. I act in plays in my spare time. I majored in Acting at ISU. I'm also gay. I like to say that out front, just so people know. Not that it matters. Just so you know. Aka, if you have a problem with it, this probably isn't the place for you. Not that I flaunt it. I'm a pretty quiet, private person. I'm looking for someone who is responsible and dependable. The other roomate is a straight male, around my age. He's in and out of the apartment alot. The room will be available on December 15th. If you're interested, simply repond and let me know. :o)

Roommate Wanted

Non-smoking male looking for a non-smoking roommate(either male or female). Apartment is a two-bedroom located on Springfield Ave. Located close to Miller Park. Quiet and safe building.  Large kitchen and Living room.  Apartment is furnished, second bedroom is not. Rent is $275 (plus utilities).  Please forward any questions to stevencbyers @

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Movie Theatres

Is there anything in Bloomington-Normal comparable to Champaign's Boardman's Art Theatre? A smaller theatre that shows films that wouldn't normally make it to larger, more mainstream movie theatres?

Also, what are some fun things to do on a weekend in B-N?

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If anyone ever needs a good dentist in B/N,  Frank Koe is really good.  His office is over by the Kroger on College Ave.   I don't have his contact info close by and I'm still kinda novicaned up.  I'm sure you can find him in the Yahoo Yellow Pages.  He just fixed a crap job that my family dentist did. 

He's really nice, really good, and not very expensive.  I just had a surprise root canal and it was really not that bad.  Anyway, just wanted to share!

Warm Weather

HI All.

     I'm here hanging out this summer with my boyfriend, hopefully turning into a temporary relocation if all goes well.  Since I'm not too familiar with things I have a few questions.  Actually more like recommend your favourite/best of the following....

1.  Best place to go for waxing.
2.  Best night spot (dance clubs/karaoke/live bands/etc)
3.  Favourite place to go for a walk or run
4.  Best Ice Cream
5.  Favourite spot to hang out and talk (outdoors or indoors)/coffee shops